13th International Eclogite Conference (IEC-13)


13th International Eclogite Conference (IEC-13)

Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia. 

June 24-27th, 2019

with 4-days excursions (pre- and post-conference) in the Belomorian Belt and  1-day middle-conference field excursion in central Karelia

The conference will be held in the Main Conference Hall  of the Karelian Research Centre , which is ~5 minutes walk  from the Onego Palace Hotel, where all the delegates will be accommodated.


Field trips
Pre- conference field trip  (number of participants: min - 12, max - 48) starts in Saint Petersburg, Ladozhsky Station, in the morning (9:00 a.m.) on June, 18th and ends in Petrozavodsk on June, 23rd at 14:50.

Post-conference field trip (number of participants: min - 12, max - 48) starts in Petrozavodsk June, 27th at 17:14 and ends at Kandalaksha Station on July, 1st at about 5 p.m.

Pre- and Post-conference Trips will be in the Sub-Arctic zone. Air temperatures vary from +10 - + 20℃ (day) to +10 - + 15 (evening).  Rain and wind (even storms) on the White Sea are probable. The trip might be suspended, if weather conditions are unfavorable. Daylight length in June is 24 hours. Mosquitos are strongly probable: covering up and using a repellent is the best idea. 

During the sea part of the field trip, participants will be accommodated on the board of a research vessel of the Russian Academy of Sciences for two days (one night) and will be set ashore with a boat. Life vests will be provided. Waterproof field boots or rubber boots and a wind/water-proof suit are necessary. A hat or a ski cap is essential. The meals will be provided for the participants 4 times per day on the research vessel.

During the land part of the field trip, participants will travel by bus with short walking excursions at the outcrops. Sturdy field boots are essential. The overnight accommodation will be at the Hotel "Belomorie" in Kandalaksha. Breakfast and dinner will be served in the hotel in Kandalaksha, whereas the lunch (sandwiches and fruit) will be provided in the field. Bottles of mineral water will be furnished in the bus.

We are happy to provide help with the purchasing of tickets on a train (from Kandalaksha to Moscow or Saint Petersburg) or a plane (from Murmansk or Kirovsk to Moscow or Saint Petersburg).

Middle-conference field-trips. Several options of field trips will be offered: a Geological Trip (Precambrian rocks of the Karelian Craton), a Cultural Heritage Trip (Kizhi Open-Air Museum) and a Wildlife and Ethnography trip (Vepsian Volost). Short walks during the trips are planned.  Payments will be through a «Karelika» Travel Company.

Registration Fee is 540 €/person. It includes 4-days accommodation in the Onega Palace hotel, abstract volume, coffee breaks, ice-breaking party (extra day before or after conference is 75 €/day/person).

Pre- and Post-conference field trips are approximately 850 €/person. The final price will depend on the number of participants.  This includes all transport (Saint Petersburg-Gridino-Kandalaksha-Kuru-Vaara-Salma-Petrozavodsk and Petrozavodsk-Gridino-Kandalaksha-Kuru-Vaara-Salma-Kandalaksha, respectively), accommodation, meals.

Payments will be through a «Karelika» Travel Company.

Visa to Russia
For the most part of the attendees an entry visa to Russia will be required. Our tour operator «Karelika» Travel Company  will provide help to the participants with execution of the documents required for visa application. You are kindly recommended to provide to «Karelika» Travel Company all the necessary documents (passport copy, information on the period of stay, etc.) at very least two months prior to your visit.

The official currency in Russia is Ruble, abbreviated as RUB or  ₽. Current exchange rate is approximately 1 USD = 60 RUB and 1 € = 65 ₽. Credit cards are widely accepted. 

About Petrozavodsk
Petrozavodsk is a capital of the Karelian Republic, Northwest Russia. It is located northeast from Saint Petersburg and could be easily reached by train in five-to-eight hours. There are both day and night trains departing from the Ladozhsky Station. Moscow is ca.14 hours away from Petrozavodsk; an overnight train service will be required. The trains depart from the Leningradsky Station in Moscow. 

The small Petrozavodsk Airport is located in 12 km from the city with regular flights from Moscow (Domodedovo).

More information on Petrozavodsk is available in:

Air temperatures in Petrozavodsk in June vary from +9-15℃ (day) to +12-15℃ (evening).  Daylight length is 22 hours. Rain and wind are probable.

European style 220 Volt,  round-prong plugs. 

Avoid drinking tap water. Bottles with still water will be in your hotel-room refrigerator (part of the all-inclusive service) and will be provided in the bus during the field trips.


Organizing Committee

Vladislav  Shatsky – V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia

Alexei  Perchuk – Department of Petrology, Geological Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Alexander Slabunov – Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, RAS, Petrozavodsk, Russia


Anfisa Pilitsуna  - Geological Institute, RAS, Moscow, Russia

Victor Balagansky – Geological Institute, Kola Science Centre, RAS, Apatity, Russia 
Andrey Shchipansky – Geological Institute, RAS, Moscow, Russia 
Alexander Slabunov – Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, RAS, Petrozavodsk, Russia

Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, RAS, 
Pushkinskaya St., 11, 

185910, Russia.
   Telephone:  +7(8142)783630   
   Fax +7 (8142)780602
   Institute  website:  http://igkrc.ru

Detailed information on the IEC-13 including Program Committee and Scientific Sessions names will be provided in the First Circular in September, 2018.